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Setting Boundaries With People Who Drain You

You've probably got a person or two in your life known as an "energy vampire." You know the type. You feel completely emotionally drained, frustrated, and negative after spending time with them. They suck your positive vibes out like a vampire does to blood. They are the people in your life who unload their problems on you without your permission. They are the ones who give out unsolicited advice. They may or may not love to gossip or start drama. They likely have poor boundaries. But one thing is for sure, no matter what form they come in, an energy vampire will leave you feeling drained. It's important to note that these people in your life are not necessarily bad people.  They might really be unable to cope with the problems in their own life. They may not know how their energy sucking behavior is affecting you. Boundaries are key in these relationships. This is your shield against the energy vampire. Learn to use it wisely. Here's how: 1. Be able to ide

Decision Making with Anxiety

For many people with anxiety disorders, feelings of extreme stress and overwhelm seep into all parts of their life. This includes decision making.  All of us experience the difficulties of making a hard decision. It’s tough stuff that requires careful deliberation. Sometimes we feel stuck, like no matter what we choose will be the wrong path. Sometimes it’s super hard to pick because both options feel good and right. Anxiety sufferers often feel frozen in the decision making process. Research shows that anxiety actually disengages the part of our brain that helps us move through the decision making process (Park, et al 2016). That part of our brain is called the prefrontal cortex. It’s responsible for our higher level of thinking and is absolutely critical when it comes to making decisions. It’s located right behind our foreheads. You can see this bad boy here: Because anxiety and stress literally short-circuits our brains in the decision making process, we often m

Navigating Romantic Relationships with a Mental Health Diagnosis

Relationships are complicated. Mental health issues are complex. Put the two together, and things can get real, really quick. Since we are nearing Valentine's Day, let's talk about juggling dating and romance--while navigating your own mental health. Mental Health Issues Make Dating More Stressful Dating is stressful for everyone. Having jitters before a first date, or wondering when to text is nerve-racking. For those who suffer with depression and anxiety, you might go into over-thinking mode, wondering if you screwed up, or feeling like you're not good enough. Mental health conditions can turn the volume of dating stress up to 10. Having an arsenal of effective coping tools is key. Finding relaxation and grounding techniques that work for you can help offset anxiety that is worsened by putting yourself out there. Deciding If You're Ready to Date Struggling with mental health issues is no small feat. It can be a daily struggle. Adding intimacy and a relationsh