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Managing Mental Health During the Holidays

The Holidays are drawing near. For many of us, this can be extremely stressful. At a time that is expected to be filled with joy, many struggle with feelings of grief and loss, being overwhelmed by changes in routine, being around unsupportive family, and many other issues that pop up this time of year. Because this time of year can be difficult, it's important to put in place some self-care strategies to help cope as you navigate through the holidays in a healthy way. 1. Set realistic expectations.  If attending three holiday parties in one weekend seems exhausting, give yourself permission to only go to one or two (or none). If planning the holiday meal is too overwhelming, ask for help. Create a reasonable budget for gifts, and don't exceed it (even if that budget is $0.00). Keeping your expectations for the season realistic will allow you to resist the pressures that the season can bring. 2. It's okay to feel sad or lonely. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, o