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The Simplicity (or not?) of Meeting Your Own Needs

Meeting our own needs. It's simple. But simple doesn't always mean easy.  One thing that I've been thinking about lately is how intuitive our minds and bodies really are. We need sleep? Our eyes feel heavy, almost as if they are closing up shop, telling us it's time to go to bed. We're hungry? Our bellies growl, signaling their emptiness and indicating their need for nourishment. We're feeling sad? Tears well up in our eyes, notifying us of our need to have a good cry and let it out. We're happy? We smile. We laugh. We feel warm and content.  Our bodies and minds are pretty instinctive. They know what they need. It's just that we don't always listen to them. We fight them and argue with them that we know what's best, not them. But when we hear them out? When we surrender to them and meet their needs? Something really awesome happens.  There are lots of reasons why we may not listen to our minds and bodies, or tune them out. Maybe what our minds o