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Busting Myths About Self-Care

So you've probably heard all about how you need to be engaging in self-care, right? It is   pretty important part of your mental health. But what exactly does self-care entail? How do we make it a part of our every day life? I'm here to answer some questions and bust some myths so that we can demystify self-care and make it something real and meaningful for your everyday life. In this post, be prepared to explore the nitty gritty about self-care, like how it does not equate to having wine and watching real housewives (but it can look like that sometimes), and how it doesn't have to cost you money (really, it doesn't!), and how self-care can look different for everyone (it's individualized!). Let's get started: Myth #1: Self-Care is just Treatin' Yo'Self This one is a big one! I often talk with my clients about the difference between self-care and self-pampering. They are not the same! Pampering yourself might mean getting your nails done, stopping t