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Eleven Ways to Fight Back in the Battle with Depression and Anxiety: Part One

I borrowed this super cute comic from, which is an awesome webcomic if you haven't checked it out. I love this comic, and share it frequently with my clients. Depression and anxiety can be so debilitating. It sucks our energy and our motivation, it tells us we can't when we want to believe we can, and it can make us feel so, so small. It's difficult to find that inner-strength when depression and anxiety have their grip. Normal activities feel so much more exhausting, scary, or impossible. I find that many of my clients feel empowered when they are able to access the ways in which they can take back control of their lives, even if it's in just a small area. In this blog post, we'll go over each of these "Mental Health All Stars" to explore how you can better access tools to fight back in the battle with depression and anxiety. We'll start with half of the All Stars this week. Stay tuned for the next post to learn about the second